Sauti Sol attempted to speak out about politics two days ago and it backfired spectacularly but also showed us where we are as a country.

I feel that Sauti Sol are disconnected from Kenya and Kenyans.

I disagree with the amalgamation of lack of education and political affiliation. Their reductionist attitude towards ignorance based on slogans and their lack of appreciation for people's democratic right to support either of the two parties. I get what they were trying to do; remain neutral and call for agenda based discussions but they ended up with condescending platitudes which wound up everyone.

They sound like they live in a different country and are feeling sorry for the mere mortals down here. They might have it in their best interest to do a bit of consultations before doing a post like this again. I feel like they need to understand why people are on the streets. I feel like they need to understand disenfranchisement and why people are looking for hope and what politics means to people on the ground and why they support who they support.

I also sadly think that we can expect people to agree with something they're not used to, either. We don't associate social impact with musicians because many musicians do not speak up about issues that matter, in order to remain neutral and for financial gain. It's an oddity and thus, in my opinion, that's where we've places artists-as entertainers and nothing more 😐Sauti Sol are only authoritative on shaking your Bam Bam and songs of equal standing.

If Juliani or Sarabi had a political opinion, we would listen to them because they speak out against social issues. People have responded to Sauti Sol's branding, in a way and boxed them in plus shown how homophobic they are. They , as Tetu Shani commented, have managed to annoy all sides without saying anything substantive and we need more socially conscious music. I agree, wholly. We don't have a Kenyan Bobby Wine but we could have more Octopizzo's going out into the skin and speaking out against extra-judicial killings. Where are our artists when things are going wrong in our country. You can't conveniently try and make an ignorant statement about politics after being silent about many things that have gone around and expect to be taken positively.

 I viewed it as excellent intentions but highly ignorant of them. I don't disagree with them speaking out-I love that they did. I disagree with what they said.

In the same breath, it was sad seeing the responses that their posts garnered. We are a greatly homophobic nation and sexuality is seen as an acceptable attack point when all else is lost.


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