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In my current reason to wake up that helps me avoid poverty and homelessness, we get tonnes and tonnes of project/ event/ program proposals. The one thing they always lack is value proposition. They're usually passionate and self- centred so very little thought is given towards the practicality of the proposal, the fine print of execution but most importantly, the benefits accrued to the other party. What will our organisation get from it? Predictable reply: We will put your logo on our promotional material and mention you during the event. What else? We're doing what your organisation is doing so you should support us. So what exactly do we do? Vaguely explains why they don't think Coldplay is a rock band Have you gone through our website or social media pages to know exactly what we stand for and the projects we have been involved in? No, but... How can you offer us value? You tell me. You know the organisation best so I think you would be the best person t

Artists Rule The World

Art and music are a rejoinder to the political comedy with human repercussions that we live in. Music is a mirror but music is a lamp too, to a country in need of hope. Hope is fast fading not because of where we are but because when we close our eyes to dream, that’s where it ends. That’s where the cookie crumbles. The invisibility of an alternative future is the thorny bed upon which change dies. Only in faith and in hope do we dare. Only in faith and hope do we work so har d to believe. Hope is the currency of progress and development. Artists are the consciousness of a people and the voice of the world. You're made for much more than more. Make the people cry. Make them weep. Make them think of death and despair. Make them gnash their teeth and laugh. May they think of you and squirm in their seats. Offend them. It’s from your absurdity that science was born, from your deviance that nations were built and from your transcendent truth that the world happens, still.May they thin

The Auditor General's 2014/2015 Expenditure Report

The Auditor General’s report on 2014/2015 expenditure is a shocking (to some) portrayal of mismanagement, incompetence and financial gymnastics that has dominated public spending and resource allocation in Kenya. Select parts of it will help expound on my point: The County Governments allocation for the year 2014/2015 was based on the audited revenue for the year 2009/2010, since the audited financial statements for 2010/2011- 2013/2014 had not been approved by the National Assembly. The County Governments expenditure has been accounted for and reported individually and the respective audit reports issued. Parliament has not audited the accounts from 2010. We have had 4 financial years without audited reports with the Public Accounts Committee firmly in place. What exactly has PAC been doing since then? If an organisation ran that way, KRA would have shut them down without notice but malfeasance by our primary oversight public body has gone unabated and the lack of consequence


You're worth exactly what you're earning,right now . I am fairly sure you've already thought up 10 different reasons why you think that statement isn't true. What's the excuse? -Different people, different situations? Would you accept a job offer of 5,000 shs? 10,000 shs? 20,000 shs? If not, it's probably because you don't think it's worth your time. Why? Because you think you're worth more. You get what you demand and this principle applies across the b oard. If you're still fighting the thought, then you're probably the person this message is meant for. If you're being paid 100,000 shs and you've been there for a while, you're okay being valued at that amount and perhaps that might be even more than you imagined being paid and so you're not complaining . That applies to any amount of money. How much are you worth per hour? How much are you worth per day? A certain foreign-based Kenyan legal