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Sex, Contraceptives and Abortions

ROMEO O, she is rich in beauty, only poor, That when she dies with beauty dies her store. BENVOLIO Then she hath sworn that she will still live chaste? ROMEO She hath, and in that sparing makes huge waste, For beauty starved with her severity Cuts beauty off from all posterity. Romeo uses a metaphor of wealth and spending to suggest that Rosaline's vow of chastity is akin to hoarding her "riches" (her "beauty). By refusing to have sex and, therefore, children who might carry on her legacy, Rosaline is basically "wasting" her "beauty," which will "die" with her instead of living on in her children. Let’s move past the law and what we traditionally consider right and wrong for this particular discussion. Let’s talk about sex, condoms, contraceptives and abortion. Let’s talk about these dirty words our sanctimonious selves won’t even utter out loud as we read this. According to the Ea


    How potent a power is [communication technology] destined to     become in the civilization of the world!   This binds together     by a vital cord all the nations of the earth.   It is     impossible that old prejudices and hostilities should longer     exist, while such an instrument has been created for an     exchange of thought between all nations of the earth.   ~Briggs and Maverick (1858) Have you ever wondered why you like to read press stories of events that you already witnessed? Any soccer, basketball, gol... (Wait, that’s not a sport) fans? The media takes our love for using our wits and gives us a way to make them into our own reality. The media adds a sense of hyper-reality to experiences that we already know, feeding our desires and keeping us addicted. The media keeps you coming back for more. It’s probably the reason you’re reading this right now. The advent of technology brought about advertising as a tool of marketing and


Going through the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Website, I am bemused. I’m not quite sure that I’ve seen a website that’s more utopian and full of fantasies. Among their achievements are ‘ reduced incidents of wildlife poaching throughout the country, improved Kenya's image as a tourist destination through provision of adequate security in protected areas, well developed and maintained surveillance and intelligence network   and maintenance of an updated and efficient security database.’ For the past few weeks, I’ve been accosted by a blitzkrieg of articles and features on poaching in the media. There have been varying accounts of the actual number of rhinos and elephants killed with the blame game taking centre stage on who’s actually responsible for the issue. The acting director of the KWS, William Kiprono recently broke from his silence and accused the media and the NGO’S of exaggerating figures. He further added that that poaching was a challenge and not a crisis