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Sex Workers as Vulnerable Subjects in Research

  TUSKEGEE AND GUATAMALA November 16 th 1972 saw the hurried end and closure in Macon County, Alabama of a syphilis research program more famously known as The Tuskegee Experiment. Researchers had intentionally not treated 600 participants who had syphilis despite the fact that penicillin had been discovered as a cure and was available, withheld information about penicillin and prevented them from accessing syphilis treatments available for the purpose of monitoring and documenting the progression of syphilis in human subjects, all under the guise that they were receiving free health care from the national government. The experiments went on for 40 years before a leak to the media eventually caused its demise. This may be arguably the most infamous biomedical experiment in US history. While researching the Tuskegee Experiment in 2005, Professor Susan Mokotoff found documents detailing yet another heinous experiment cloaked as research known as the Guatamala experiment. W