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The Kenyan Presidential Debate 2013

Kenya stood still as the much anticipated Inaugural Preidential Debate kicked off. There was confusion earlier on in the day when a court injunction had halted the debate pending the petition by seasoned lawyer,Paul Muite on the exclusion of he and Mohammoud Dida. It was ruled that they should be included. Organisers must have been flustered on hearing this as accommodating two more candidates would change things logistically. They managed to pull two podiums from the Brookhouse school to accommodate them but it was evident that they were never planned for from the beginning. The debate began with struts along the catwalk as the candidates exuberated confidence and bravado as they walked to the the podiums where they would address and estimated 14 million viewers. The opening exchange was rather tame and the only talking point was Muite's eyebags(rumoured to be enough to build tents for a good number of local IDP's) and Uhuru Kenyatta's posh accent. I hope Chris Kirubi read