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The East African Industrialisation Policy 2016

The EAC is on Wednesday planning to discuss an Industrialisation Policy which would be aimed at revamping  industrial growth in stumped industries and promoting the creation of new ones. Part of it would be limiting car imports and streamlining regional laws in regards to it and banning the importation of second hand clothes and textiles which have stymied the growth of local industries. The vicissitude from open to protectionist policies and economies was bound to happen. Costs of production,subsidies,political goodwill and other factors are not equal meaning that industries are not at the same level and the a priori decision is that limiting imports will positively impact growth of local products.  It's a great plan, in theory. Can the industry revival infrastructure be up in time for the implementation of the law,however? How will this affect the already existent second-hand clothing(mitumba) industry? How will the government subsidize production costs? What's the long-

Regulation Disiaster in the Making

The proposed regulations by the Communications Authority on regulating internet use seem like the quixotic ramblings of a meld between Orwellian 1984 and ludicrous technological folly. The CA should be the leading authority in such matters but this is a public display on the technical literacy of the authority and brings into question their capability in terms of knowledge,strategy and long-term planning.  This also brings to light the need for the youth in decision making.This is the problem with having 'Yes' people in an office. Not a single person called them out on the (endless) shortcomings and implications of the proposed law which is not only unimplementable but touches on the basic tenets of our rights to privacy,the constitution and other laws built on that basis.  Apart from the National Cyber Security Masterplan which gathers dust in a forlorn government office somwhere,there are many other practical ways that the government can boost the war against cyberc