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Today as I’m blogging I’m really happy. Everything at this point seems to be going perfectly well. Times like these are rare so I take them as they come! I spent the whole day watching good wife and just chilling out plus I spent time with my lovely Cathy. Today I’m really bleak on what I’m going to talk about but when has not knowing anything ever stopped me before! I think I’ve gotten it, today I’ll talk about happiness. HAPPINESS is a really big word which has constantly been misconstrued in meaning. Happiness really simple to achieve and many of us know the keys to it we just don’t really want to try to be happy, we’re afraid that it actually may happen! Let me just give you a short list of the things that make me happy: 1.        Having a home cooked meal done well like today; mom, you’re the best 2.        Getting the largest piece of chicken or nyama choma 3.        When little kids wrap their puny little hands round my finger 4.        Whe