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Lines of unpararelled thoughts sometimes cross my mind and writing does sometimes make the jigsaw puzzle fit! I think I’m in love with India Arie and Adele! Adelia? Ariele? Indele?  Whatever a perfect blend of the two of them would be called would be called would be called would be insignificant as the bard once wisely quoted “a rose called by any other name would still smell as sweet “I will  one day be a male version of them, just wait and see! I have a congenital predisposition to sweet voices, to songs that give me that stirring awakening, that make a reverie my true and absolute existence even if only for a second. Yesterday or the day before (the lines between days are blurry) I was watching castle. For those of you who don’t watch it, Richard Castle is a crime writer and Detective Kate Beckett is of course….a janitor :-) Together they solve murders and mysteries. Castle and Beckett have a complex relationship. They have feelings for each other


It wasn’t but after a few minutes after an alligator the size of an outboard motorboat tore off Don Goodman’s arm that he began to feel a curious pain. As he waited for an ambulance, the bloody stump above his now missing elbow didn’t hurt much. Instead he felt a burning pain in his right hand, which was of course inside the 11ft (3.4m) alligator, a monster he and he and his staff at Kanapha Botanical gardens in Gainesville, Fla., had named Mojo. “ I could feel every finger of the hand that had served me for 59 years and which now lay in the belly of an alligator 200 yards away   and they all hurt” [sic] The medical term for this is phantom limb pain. The power of the mind is clearly exhibited here. The limb no longer existed but the mind sent pain messages and the body felt them This article got me thinking about pain, not the gruesome physical pain that the narrator experienced but more of emotional wounds th


Today wasn’t a bad day neither was it one with events that which change my life but I loved it all the same. I went for swimming and got this wicked muscle pull on my hand which I can still feel till now! I was in the changing room and kids from logos academy were changing and I knew some of them and so I asked them why the girls were already in the pool and they were still changing. One of them told me that the girls usually change in school and just come to the pool take of their clothes quickly and are in. When I asked them why they don’t do that one of them replied that unlike the girls they want to keep their dignity!! These kids are nine!!lol.   I finally started the Lord of the rings trilogy. It’s been a minute since the movie was made but I enjoyed it all the same. It resurfaced my childhood dream to have powers-wizards, elves, hobbits, great archers. I still want to be different till today. I guess a little part of me wants to be special


Today is a really interesting day. Out of boredom I woke up today morning and realized that I had a bunch of letters and notes from high school that I had kept and never really gone through. Going through them made my day!!!!!i learnt a little bit about myself through these little snippets of my life: 1. We (I) was really horny. Some of those letters I got and wrote were P.G  H.M N(HO MY NGUDNESS)!!! 2. I was a hopeless romantic or 3. I knew how to fake being a romantic really well considering the prowess of my heart speak! 4. High school relationships were our idea of living on the edge! Ill give you a sneak preview: BREAK UP NOTE So then my ex who was then my current wanted us to break up and told me to forget about her and move on. How could I? I was in love of course so I wrote back to her: (lemme just give the juicy part) “I can’t stop thinking of you, I don’t want to and I’m not going to. If you want me to then tear away your face from my dreams