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I passed an old beggar on the street today, he had one arm and no legs and his anguished face hid a tale untold I passed a young girl with eyes crying out to me the day before, in her tattered assembly of cloth as her only covering I ignored a deaf man in the mat today, getting funds for his school for the deaf and as he handed me the paper I didn’t even bother to read it and handed it back to him and put my earphones on and on loud I ignored this guy who always begs for money on Moi Avenue today, as I do every day (ignore this one. The bum should just get off his lazy ass and get a job!!) I ignored the smiling old lady who begs just at the entrance of prestige plaza, I just smiled back and was on my way. She hardly says a word but I guess her open hands adequately deliver the message I ignored the boy sniffing glue as he ruffled through the dustbin next to galitos as his dejected expression and mien spoke of hope, of hope lost so long ago I feel


I’m here on my bed listening to the whole smoke and mirrors album and “all in” my favourite song is playing. Someone told me that blogging is as much a way of venting as much as it is a way of keeping less formal memoirs. As I write I’m sure I’ll make sense at least somewhere midway . This has been by far the coolest weekend this year and its because of the new people I met and getting to really know some people I call my friends, Friday I worked the whole day with my cousin, Gash parkie and from that I learnt that he knows at least half the girl fraternity that does law! In the comp lab   a group of girls were playing “I had sex” by akon which I deemed senseless, immature and vulgar not forgetting demeaning……I would think they would be the ones making snide comments about the message but I must be growing old,right??the old fashioned values of valuing girls is quite outdated, I should have known!   I guess content matters not to others as it doe

reasons why we parted

My love life right now is just really complicated More confusing than the astrophysics I never even contemplated I’m in a relationship but then again I’m not in one;paradox? Anyone who’s ever been in this situation knows   That then time moves like a broken clock stuck at twelve You hear it ticking, you wait for change But all you get is the same mistake Over and over and over again How we got into this position is beyond me From the peak of the great mount Kenya To the bottom of the Hells gate crater From the glaciers that shine so radiantly To the barely shining light that our love does emanate From best friends in the whole wide world   To acquaintances of convenience that I feel I have become We would last forever and always we always said to each other Forever and always playing second fiddle to whatever else I honestly can’t do In my quiet mien I possess the need to be wanted A need to be held, a need to hold, A need to be someone’s rock t