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A Little Encouragement (or not)

I have slowly discovered a few things. I control nothing, I really don't. The world owes me nothing. Bad days happen. Bad days will always happen. Take time, count your losses, mourn then get back up. Sometimes you feel like giving up. Find someone to tell you the reason why you shouldn't or be that person, yourself. Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader. Ask for what you want. Say what you mean. Reliability is quantifiable. It's not just a feeling. It's actions. It's time given, it's being listened to, it's a surprise visit, it's that call at midnight, it's something, it's not just a feeling. Take time to call an old friend once in a while. It gives them the joy that you would get by hearing a familiar voice after a long time. Money really is just money. I was not brought to this earth to make money, I was born to make a difference. Money does help you exist, passion and satisfaction help you live. If your passion and