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Kenyan Democracy

Freedom of expression should be absolute, or as absolute as absolute can be under democracies. This begs the question then, what is democracy? Instead of thinking up a wise and unique and awe striking definition that will be quoted for generations to come i will give you my definition of democracy. It is the minorities and the poor voting in the rich and elitist and sidelining the able and spirited to the periphery called the opposition and ruing their choices till the next electoral period where they repeat the cycle.  The notion that countries like North Korea,China,Taiwan and Japan are democracies surely show how skewered our thinking but mostly perception is. Let's take China for example. It was founded on Confucian teachings. Confucianism is based on the belief that human beings can be taught, can improve themselves and can attain perfection(Humanism). It is also non-theistic and thus there is no belief in a supernatural being.A delicate balance had to,however, be found bet