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Land is becoming our biggest liability

Unless it's being used as a factor of production then it's just wasted capital. We have trillions of shillings of land which would have provided profitable investments sitting there speculatively. We're taking a lot of money out of the economy with no visible returns. We are calling for investors but we are not investing, ourselves. We're living in an era of eased access to financing capital and it's opened up opportunities to the common man. We're however not spending that credit on production which would make economic sense. Kenyan loans are being used to buy cars we cannot afford but primarily land, however nondescript. It could be two valleys, a swamp and a volcano later but it's all worth it because what's an African without land? This is one of the clear examples of a culture affecting the economy. We're unnaturally bonded to the land, to the soil, to the earth and this comes at a price. We're in the 21st century but that's still th