I feel like we are taking David Ndii's call for secession too literally and completely missing the point.

I believe this was an article meant to spark uncomfortable conversations and inspire thoughts on the state of our nation but we would need to think about it beyond individuals and emotions, first. We need to start addressing David Ndii's reasons for calling for secession and stop the sideshows and victim mentality. If you're feeling offended then you're part of the problem

Kenya is not a nation. Kenyatta senior and his thieving cronies lost their chance to unite Kenya at independence and we are paying for it ever since. We have had 2 tribes leading Kenyans since independence and we have great economic instability that is tearing this country apart somewhere at the border of Central Kenya and Rift Valley.

This might boil down to the fact that we do not acknowledge Kikuyu and Kalenjin privilege. It's pretty hard to see privilege when you're in it and the fight for equality in situations like these feels like oppression. How does this Kikuyu privilege work, though, if it does indeed exist?

A lot of this is heavily paraphrased from a conversation I had with Mistah Kamenchu and Rarieya Asin. We are all beneficiaries of privilege and victims of oppression. Our minds work really well in remembering the latter.

Suppose Mariga, lover of potatoes, chicken and chocolate, runs for president. Assume that I run this country like a true African politician. I will have my binders full of Kikuyus in Cabinet, Parastatal Boards, Civil Service posts, the armed forces and any other place that I can stuff them. This number doesn't look so large, does it? A couple of thousand people only so that could not possibly represent a countrywide problem, or could it?

Original image source: (I edited it slightly)

These my tribesmen, as few as they are, hold influential positions which give their people great advantages in employment, procurement and thus increases the business opportunities for Kikuyus. With the Kikuyu tradition of keeping things "within the house" they offer more business to other Kikuyus, not only in the Central region but all over Kenya. Kikuyus are big on supporting each other. The figures we are talking about here run into the hundreds of billions. I hope we can now start to realise how hundreds of billions between two tribes eventually distorts the national development agenda, if it ever really existed.

 These government employees, tenderpreneurs and graft-money investors will have capital which cannot be matched by other tribes. So, soon you will find Kikuyus owning the fishing fleets in Lake Victoria, coffee plantations in Kiambu and Kisii, Kikuyus owning large hotels at the Coast, retaurants in North Eastern region, large tracts of expensive land in Nairobi in both affluent areas but even more interestingly in slums and many more examples, I am sure you can think of. The money will ensure that sick Kikuyus have their medical bills met, they can afford better food for their houses and will basically flow through the “Kikuyu Economy” Kikuyus will thus be wealthy, simply by association.

Due to the current tribal nature of our voting patterns, we will vote in consecutive Kikuyu or Kalenjin presidents and the effect on the economy will clearly be visible. We will attribute this success in all business fields to our sheer hard work and ethic. The biggest names in business will be Kikuyu. Kikuyus will be the largest shareholders in Africa’s largest growing bank, Kikuyus will own most of Kenya’s mainstream supermarkets, Kikuyus will be at the echelons of civil society, Kikuyus will be a force to reckon with, owning businesses all over Africa and we will praise them for their resolve and ability to make do with nothing. You will see Kikuyus all over TV and they will be the successful lawyers, engineers, pilots, businesspeople, media owners etc and it will be attributed to their characteristics as a community, solely. Their region and people will have such disproportionate amounts of money and capital that their success stories will be significantly higher than the national average. When questioned about this, we will say that there are also poor people in Kikuyu areas, which is true but poverty level are relative and the fact that there are poor Kikuyus does negate the fact that more Kikuyus have access to power, money and privilege than any other tribe in kenya.

This also extends to corruption. Since my people and I are the majority in government, we are also the beneficiaries of the wanton looting and runaway graft and impunity that plague this nation-state of ours. My regime has endless corruption scandals, keeping with Kenyan standards of over one-third of our national budget. No one will ever get arrested and the money is eventually plowed back into the economy and usually back into our regions and so sleepy town suddenly have malls, hotels, resorts and life appears, in a span of a few years.

Because of proximity our power and government money, the Kikuyu-filled civil service takes home most of the corruption money, allowing them access to this 'capital source' that is unavailable to others. Keep Mariga in power for a decade and that changes the look of the Kikuyu middle class. So even though we can’t see it, we have greater access to government money both legally and through alternative monetary outflows.

Being in control of national government policy means that I would push for increased monetary allocation to Kikuyu and Kalenjin areas. Roads and railways are built with the Kikuyu farmer and businessman in mind. Dry ports are created in inexplicable areas with railways leading all the way to my farm and so Kikuyus will have infrastructural advantages over other regions but what other see as privilege, they see as a norm and thus can’t understand the fuss round it. Control over government organs means that I also have control through my Cabinet Secretaries on where to direct foreign investment when it comes to Kenya. I control the narrative on where the next Silicone Valley will be to land which me and my five henchmen acquired and false narratives are peddled until they become truth. Activities associated with the Kikuyu become national priorities. Sugarcane in Nyanza will wither and die away, away from the view, while we will increase government subsidies, research, investment in areas that I feel will be more relevant for me politically

Eventually, the national narrative itself will be strongly infused with Kikuyu culture. There are lots of Kambas writing national history and the stories of the fight for independence will emphasise on the role of the Kikuyu-led Mau Mau, in the fight for independence and slightly touch on the other communities. We will have areas, regions, roads, schools, universities and buildings named after Mariga Wang’ombe and my entire family and friends even in areas where Kikuyus do not traditionally reside. Nairobi will be full of references to Kikuyu culture, despite being a cosmopolitan city- read The Southern Kikuyu for a bit more information on that. So Kikuyus will benefit from cultural dominance, which has immeasurable economic and social influence in our view of development, regions and equity.

Being Kikuyu will be something to be proud of, because it will represent power and dominance. Uthamaki will be a word everyone will understand and it will come to represent how everyone else views us. Traditional Kikuyu rivals will be subject to ethnic ridicule and state-sponsored marginalization and my government will brutalise them for decades and when they finally do respond to the oppression, I will paint the narrative of them as violent and hooligans and this will desensitize everyone to the inhumanity that I, and subsequent leaders, will put them and subsequent generations, through. Anyone who enjoys a certain amount of privilege just by dint of the ethnic group they were born to -Kikuyu in this case (including the entire GEMA community) comes at a cost to other people.

When a tribal leader leads, his tribe in very real and absolute terms benefits. Marginalised tribes, will seem almost sycophantic in the support of their leader and they will vote him in because of the perceived and real possibility of economic benefit to them and their region, and because of the reality of economic marginalization by successive governments.

So the entire Kikuyu/GEMA community may not have grabbed land, may not have murdered opposition leaders and any other atrocity committed by me but since they were beneficiaries (and still are) of successive regimes that took part in such excesses then that makes them oppressors as a result of the privileged they enjoy.

Kenya is not working for everybody. If it's working for you then it's off the backs of other and it is your role to speak out against it. Privilege is hard to see when you're in it and especially more difficult to hear when you realise that you are a part of it.

This is an oversimplified text in some aspects because there are many social and political aspects that would be in play affecting the success of people from my tribe but privilege is certainly a very big part of it that I cannot run away from. We referred to North Eastern Kenya as the Northern Frontier and based on Sessional Paper number 10 of 1965 and decided to give priority to areas which we deemed were economically beneficial to Kenya. We still treat North Eastern Kenya as less beneficial as other areas and have thus allocated significantly less funding and attention to these areas even in spite of devolution and its aims. I feel that we need to look at the disproportionate development in this country as a ticking time bomb and be less worried about being offended by an article. Trying to call for patriotism as a way of minimalising people's experiences and trying to drum up support for imaginary lines which were created as a way of demarcating ownership of stolen land is lazy and offensive. There is nothing patriotic about silent suffering. Let's fix Kenya.


  1. Complete Nonsense!
    Kikuyu is not a collective, It is not a Unit, It is not an organism.
    When one Kikuyu wins 5 million shillings in a lottery that does not increase the average income of every person born Kikuyu.

    So Waiguru steals, did Kamau the makaa vendor improve his livelihood?

    This is the worst argument I have ever heard, A product of Pawa254 "Kumbaya" debate sessions, no doubt.

    If the source of NEPOTISM is an outpour of so called benefits from government institutions and civil servants then the Rage should be against the said institutions and civil servants not against a tribe that describes over 10 million very separate individuals.

    Privilege is a term this new wave of SJWs throw around to claim debate points. Entitled with their very narrow sense of entitlement. White privilege, kikuyu privilege, male privilege like it actually holds water. Nonsense.

    The society is what the society shapes itself. If we get more men taking up more risky jobs then the average income of men will be higher than of women. If we have more kikuyus taking up tender risks then definately more kikuyus will get more tenders... before you go ahead and start screeching on that _ Provide data you entitled SJW.

    This analysis ignores the benefits from other tribes that also benefit from said institutions from their friends and tribe mates on the 'inside'.

    It ignores the population size of the 'kikuyus'.

    It 100% has no factual basis, no tested thesis, not data collected. 100% guesswork and hearsay from nobodys in the society.

    It is narrow focused on a conclusion, A conclusion set by the title that simply has no debated analysis. No conflicts with the narrow narrative from the first sentence.

    Utter Nonsense.
    cc. Rariera and Monaja

    1. A stratified country like ours has stability anchored on:
      1. Economic empowerment
      2. infrastructure development
      3. leadership

      if this three pillars are not spread equally within the nation then what your left with is a building anchored in shaky foundation. So far in kenya the leadership pillar is the shakiest of them all.

    2. This is an opinion piece, Abel. I haven't claimed it to be unassailable fact.

      There are several things you feel I have left out. Could you address them and how you feel that they disprove my assertions?

      The PAWA 254 Kumbayah choir says hi :)

    3. In my entire life of reading blogs I have never come across a simple piece of literature thats is so full of sheer nonsense, not only so but an article that has made so much assumptions that my conclusion can only be that it was probably insipired by pure idiocy.
      As a Kikuyu who voted for Raila I am dismayed when someone with good flow of English sacrifices his time and opportunity to prove to the world that his blog is worthwhile and goes ahead to produce an article that is this gibberish. As we speak Mt Kenya dominates the pinnacle of leadership and I; a purportedly beneficiary Kikuyu continue to wear the address of the "most fortune" as I wallow in my mundane of life hustles.
      But who knows they say a bad reputation is better than none, probably this article is meant to publisize this blog, an idealogy that won't lure the likes of me to come back for another read though, be strong, you will get followers who concur with you idiotic reasoning.

  2. This is sheer garbage. You are assuming every Kikuyu is related to someone in government and we are all business people who benefit.

    1. Have you read the section where I talked about collective responsibility even when you don't see the direct benefits?

  3. Your argument lacks factual, undoubtable merit, hence, getting a score of 0. However, your opinion is highly regarded and protected by the Kenyan constitution, ill give you an 50 for boldness and creativity in writing, I too away the other 50 for the mere fact that if twisted or viewed differently this could amount to hate speech, or worse negative ethnicity towards a particular tribe by way of classification.

    1. he has not dragged the whole kikuyu in one basket. But as an exercise i would like you to research the voting patterns of central Kenya rift valley n luo nyanza since inception of miltipartism. they have consistently voted for there own. thereforeif the communities in rift valley n central Kenya forming major part of the population is it not correct to assume all things kept constant that the rest of 40 tribes are under dictotarial democracy? Dr. Ndii is an alarmist n provocateur but he wins the day because we the sane people have refused to sit down n find solution to the quondondrum above.

  4. Don't justify laziness and sycophancy.

  5. Replies
    1. I'm hoping to get an extra serving of it before I sleep, too.

  6. It is amazing how people get rattled and miss the point. You touched some raw nerves here. These are the same people who will argue that slavery in America does not and should not affect the current generation of African Americans. Good article and straight to the point!

  7. This is by far the most shallow minded thing i have read since "hallo children". While this may be none of my business, my kikuyu self will wake up tomorrow morning and eat from the sweat of my brow, while hustling for an honest living in a nation filled with people with this mentality. That makes it even more difficult for the over 95% of kikuyus, who earn a honest living.

  8. Plagiarism from the paper "White privilege" which talks of racism in the US, a totally different context.
    That's why the thing doesn't gel.
    Please try and be original.

    1. I honestly have never read that paper but I will be sure to check it out today. I do not plagiarise, anything and I give credit where due.

  9. Very inaccurate because I am yet to see my Kikuyu name help open a door in any office, we live in a state of who is who or who knows who and the painful thing is its the rich against the poor.

    1. What do you understand to be privilege, Bernard? Do you feel that it only exists when you see it?

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  11. Quite on point.You get a feeling that we are almost there, where Tunisia and Algeria were before the onset of the Arab spring.

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  13. No prudent person can argue that the so called "Kikuyu Privilege" applies to the greater majority let alone to all Kikuyus; it might be true to the <1% (....and I believe I am being generous with the figure). >99% of Kikuyus don't have any more Educational/Medical/Economic/Political advantage than the average Kenyan. The same problems/challenges the common mwananchi contend with are the very same ones the vast majority of Kikuyus have to endure. The other flawed assumption is that all the "non-Kikuyu" Kenyans are in similar situations while in reality they are not. They too have their 1 %s who enjoy the trapping of political/economic powers with their families and cronies. The privilege you are talking about is not automatically bestowed by virtue of being Kikuyu rather its from the economic/Political class family you're born in. The "it's very difficult to accept the privilege from within" is a futile attempt to force/guilt trip us into accepting a narrative that doesn't define the majority. This Kikuyu privilege narrative is a lazy attempt to keep us from focusing on the real issues; One, Our tribal based voting pattern... And please let's not be naïve and pretend this is a Kikuyu-only problem. Two, Citizenry lack of knowledge/Education on good governance and it's consequences. If we deal with the two, it would never matter which tribe/economic background/ political party our political leaders come from. Furthermore, Pretending secession/self determination would help is a fallacy coz even in the new proposed political dispensation the major tribes will have their way and rest will still feel marginalized... Ultimately leading to the situation as is currently. Let's avoid sideshows/scapegoating and deal with the real issues.

    1. This Common Joe guy makes a lot of sense. I frankly think that the inequality discourses (if you can call them that) on social media, lose the point when they make inequality a 'tribe struggle' and not a 'class struggle'. It is very convenient for Kenya's political (and economic) elites when we analyse inequality through an ethnic lens because in doing so their positions in the totem pole that is Kenya are not threatened, they are only reinforced. We have false messiahs who hold our hands and lead the chant "yote ya wezekana..." as they eye the throne. This reminds me of Napoleon the Pig in The Animal Farm. I also think we need a healthy scepticism of power and its holders in Kenya. We are too uncritical in our analyses. We love binaries that often lack nuance. Anyways, Thanks Mariga for writing this and thanks Common Joe for your not-so-common analytical sensibilities.

    2. Thanks Agege for appreciating my point. You're right: The article is indeed thought provoking but it loses track when it makes it a "Tribe affair" rather than a "Class" issue. This in essence absolves the political elites of the crime of unfair distribution of resources and political marginalization. The so called "privileges" are actually Individual rights that should be accorded to all citizens. It's absurd to condemn a whole tribe for the perceived "advantage" while in essence the vast majority don't even enjoy them. We should be thinking of a socioeconomic and political system that would ensure equitable distribution of resources; devolution tries but we still got along way to go to cover up for the decades of neglect. Furthermore, we need to change our tribal voting pattern and advocate civic education on governance.

  14. Oh please, for those Kikuyus in this comment section that feel offended becuase they do not own mansions as a direct benefit from those looting in Govt, here's a simple social experiment for you:

    1. Go to any large-scale open food/fruit market. Pick one, city market, Ngong fruit market e.t.c.
    2. Do not talk in any other language but kikuyu. Ignore the fact that the people you speak to might not be Kikuyu but Embus, Kambas and Merus alike.
    3. Then come back here and tell me what the author says is not true.

    You will, without a doubt, get better service, better discounts and better produce. That's Kikuyu privilege. I have it and I use it.

    1. If I am a Luo and speak in my mother tongue at any fish market; I will get better services/discounts and best catch of the day...Does that prove I have a "Luo privilege" I will not get into each and every community but you get my drift. Your example does not lend credibility to this argument. Nobody is getting offended; the writer advanced an argument for which we are having an intellectual discourse. Your example, not helping!

    2. Njoki its kikuyu privilege on a national scope, not market level.

    3. The problem with majority is that we have refused to think. Its like if we think we will erode/finish the brain. There are many native markets in this country, and the common language is that, that is commonly spoken within the area. Gikomba and Mariki will speak Kikuyu as majority of the traders come from the nearby Kiambu and Muranga areas. The same situation will apply if you go to the fish markets at the lake region or even in Uganda. They will speak the common language and not Kikuyu.

  15. well, you mentioned two tribes as having led the country since independence, Kikuyu & Kalenjins and you are correct but then you went on a roll about Kikuyu and their benefit? what about the kalenjins?haven't they benefited having been in power almost equally as the kikuyus? You see all the stereotypes we have about each tribe has a lot of truth in it, Kikuyus are seen as go-getters (not all but most) and that the truth, don't overshadow a mans effort with unproven claims of nepotism. How would you explain the success of kikuyus outside these nation? watch (daring abroad) and tell me which tribe featured more? Kenya is just okay. We are just tribal and the only privileged community in kenya is the RICH. oh and tribalism is only amongst the poor. The rich intermarry and do other things together regardless s of the tribes. One thing is vital to mention. Most chokoras are kikuyu, most commercial sex workers are kikuyu even most criminals are kikuyu??? you ignore such facts then go on and negate the only good about a community? Give us a break man, try and enlighten the society don't break them.

  16. I forgot to add tibim! Tialala! Etc etc

  17. "serikali saidia" mentality? where did you detect that?? can you be factual Omolos

  18. This is an opinion piece. I don't agree with your opinion though. Here is why:

    I am a Kikuyu, I make no apologies. I pay the same for medical expenses, food, water and electricity as any Luo, Kamba or Indian in Kenya. I pay taxes like every other Kenyan and do not get any special "Kikuyu tax discount" from KRA. I have applied for loans at Kenyan banks and got the same (ridiculous) mortgage rate as every other Kenyan. When my kids went to school, they were evaluated and accepted to schools based on their academic and social abilities and not their last name.

    I have never gotten a special pass for being a Kikuyu in Kenya and those who believe that Kikuyus, or Kalenjins for that matter, get special treatment is GROSSLY mistaken.

    There are only 2 tribes in Kenya: the rich and the not rich.

  19. I would say this. That we all pay taxes ,go through the same struggles. There is none that has privilege over the other. But it is a fact that there is unequal distribution of resources in this Country. And if you have never travelled past Nakuru.Towards the Western part of this country you will never know. But I applaud this writer for being bold and ruffling some feathers. In the current government and their infrastructural agenda. The major projects as regards bypasses and highways to ease movement of goods are concentrated mostly in the central ,Nairobi,Kajiado Nakuru and Naivasha...and Kisumu. Then I am trying to understand the rationale of putting a Naivasha Dry Port in Naivasha. While we have the capital City a few kms away. Maybe Nakuru,or even Mau summit,would make sense for a dry Port,why Naivasha? And this is my tax money. There is a privilege of being at the center of power. It is a fact.

    1. I would agree to some extent with the Selective Privilege bit but I am also aware that these opinions are not based or supported by any data. I however have to say that perceptions are becoming central to thought processes and cannot be relegated to the dustbin just because they don't support my view. It is sad to note that the vast majority of negative remarks to Mariga's opinion piece disregard the weight of his assertions with blanket dismissals, but they are as well not supported by any data.
      The support or nonsupport of such opinion pieces have become the new definition of where one comes from - geographically. Shouts of nonsense, garbage, utter rubbish, or even tibim have become marks that help one know where your opinion will head. I am much happier when I read deep honesty in opinions made, but have deep hate for tribal vitriol. I hope your nerves are not raw, even as you read my brief opinion and oh please don't box me anywhere, please. I like to be a free spirit.

  20. Guys. This article was written from tribal lens. And this article says the truth as it is which many don't want. Most comments here are kikuyus rwadyready to protect their assumed privileges. Millions of kikuyus are suffering. Drinking sewage water in Mathare. Jiggers ext name it. But kikuyus priviledge class has made millions of kikuyus hated for no reason. Issues of land. Ask your self why. Who grabbedvkikuyu land. So many kikuyus must always make a home where they govt and settle there. This isvallowed to settle anywhere but because Kenyatta senior replaced white colonialist with himself and took people's land. We need to defend these brothers from central. Kikuyus might get easybloans from equity ban but 70 percent of street families in Nairobi are kikuyus leave alone this terrorising people in estates. If people still need one country then avoid the issue of voting as a block by many communities and let's just talk the truth. Uhuru should return the land to those whose land were taken by his father. Whether we disagree or not that's the case.

  21. Guys. This article was written from tribal lens. And this article says the truth as it is which many don't want. Most comments here are kikuyus rwadyready to protect their assumed privileges. Millions of kikuyus are suffering. Drinking sewage water in Mathare. Jiggers ext name it. But kikuyus priviledge class has made millions of kikuyus hated for no reason. Issues of land. Ask your self why. Who grabbedvkikuyu land. So many kikuyus must always make a home where they govt and settle there. This isvallowed to settle anywhere but because Kenyatta senior replaced white colonialist with himself and took people's land. We need to defend these brothers from central. Kikuyus might get easybloans from equity ban but 70 percent of street families in Nairobi are kikuyus leave alone this terrorising people in estates. If people still need one country then avoid the issue of voting as a block by many communities and let's just talk the truth. Uhuru should return the land to those whose land were taken by his father. Whether we disagree or not that's the case.

  22. Mariga. Thought leaders often arrive long before the masses. We saw this when theYoung Turks dared to confront Moi in the 1980s and the population thought they were crazy. Most could not understand why anyone would want to rock the status quo which was all we knew until that time. Einstein was called mad when he came up with his equation; scientists then spent 100 years proving him correct (It took 6 super-computers in as many countries)! The 44 tribes are called lazy yet we work in the same offices where preferential treatment is given to certain communities in the allocation of education scholarships, loans, access to government tenders - and yes even access to market stalls in big urban centres is not an accident. Thanks for daring to think out loud even when you are too far ahead of your time. You are among the leaders who are creating the Kenya we really want.

  23. Very interesting read. Mariga, you seemed to annoy enough people with this. You must be on to something.

  24. A very interesting read, and I appreciate that this piece is only your opinion.

    However my opinion is, yes, we kikuyus do have some kind of privilege. But it is not the political one as you state. Our privilege is largely a geographical one - the fact that even the furthest kikuyu strongholds are located no farther than 4/5 hours away from the capital. This has obvious spillover effects to the community, economically.

    We are able to easily transport our farm produce to some of the biggest markets in the country; many of us don't have to put up with exorbitant rent rates in the city as we can travel from our semi-rural homes on the outskirts of the city (think Kiambu) to the city centre relatively easy..meaning that we can channel more of our income to savings and investments, which then loops back to creating more income for members of the community. Other examples abound.

    Keep in mind that Nairobi's current location was never meant to be established as the country's capital location due to various factors such as the presence of many swamps and the fact that it is prone to flooding during the rainy season. But despite this and other reasons, it grew into being the capital's location. Like I said, ours is largely a geographical lottery win.

    I say "largely" because geography isn't the only aspect to Kikuyu's economic betterment.

    For one, I completely agree with other commentators that when it comes down to it, there are only 2 tribes in this country - the haves and the have-nots. And don't tell me about the middle class because most people in the 'middle class' are only one medical tragedy away from bankruptcy. Lord knows what most of us would do if it wasn't for our collective harambee spirit.

    That being said, the conversation about wealth distribution in this country isn't complete without examining the cultural differences between the tribes - and I mean, an open-minded and objective analysis, not a tribalistic one.

    Kikuyus are very hardworking... because traditionally, we had to be! We come from a pretty small geographical area relative to our population size so we have had to devise ways to maximize our production. A commentator above mentioned that Kikuyus have a culture of helping one another, and this came about from needing each other to survive. It is also why we are very opportunistic (which is a good thing) and relatively peaceful in general, because if you're always fighting with your neighbours, who's going to exchange farm produce with you?

    I'll also add that other communities have advantages that we don't have. For example, Luos are way more educated than we are. Remember Tom Mboya's airlift? Can someone tell me what large scale positive effects we can see from that today?
    Maasai's also have their ancestral land located near Nairobi. But can you dispute that their largely pastoral lifestyle has greatly inhibited their economic growth?

    And lastly, I'll take it a step further. The Asian community is generally doing very well with their manufacturing and retail businesses. Do they have political privilege like the Kikuyus supposedly do? Do they have geographical privilege like the Kikuyus and Maasai do? Are they even as educated as the Luos? Then why are they fairing so much better?


  25. Reading this comment section feels like reading y'pipo comments on white privilege pieces 😂 the usual oh but I'm poor so I'm not privileged, oh sijui I'm hardworking didn't get no handouts, oh sijui you're just a SJW. Haha my dear country, enyewe binadamu ni binadamu.

    Privilege blinds, especially when it's as systemic as this. Would be nice to see this privilege quantified, eg amenities like hospitals per region, level of infrastructure, number of people in power per election term since '63, literacy/education rates per region, involvement in top industries, etc etc

    Again: andú a nyúmba ya Mumbi, PRIVILEGE BLINDS. And one of the first steps in remedying the situation is acknowledging your privilege.

    Hapo sawa Mariga! Thogotha kabsar. My written kyuk needs work.

    1. Wacha ushenzi. nugu. Go work and do what your parents and ancestors were too silly and lazy to do.

  26. One day I sat with an old man in town discussing the same subject. He gave me an example, Biashara Street when mzungu was leaving, they used to sell the buildings at 20,000, you could even be financed by banks without collateral, but by the level of our thinking, we feared loans, so all the Asians took that part of town. Did they steal? No, they were informed. Same happened during the Mzee Kenyatta and the Odinga's, they were graduates who were informed. So when it came to knowing the right investment opportunities or prime lands, they had the knowledge and the power.
    Know my question is, where was your grandfather's and grandmother's?
    Capitalism kind of Govt gives an opportunity to all but only the informed takes the opportunity.
    Growing up i used to sell my mother mutumba business, today I run a successful business in Westlands. The skill, patience and understanding of business was passed on to me by my folks.For your information, my folks didn't give me even a shilling to invest in my business, I went to mujengo, I'd save 300 out of the 400 and for 7 months I raised capital. Fortunately, I went high school to Kisii, for 4 years I experienced what family culture in that region, most believe in employment.
    Justifying that Kikuyu have 'privilege' its an uninformed perspective. I respect your opinion, but ultimately it narrows down to mindset, if you believe you are suppressed, that's how you'll live. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is He.

    But also let me share with you, I've been to 37 counties, a week before i traveled by Bus to Kisumu, the infrastructure is way above in central Counties.

    As a photographer who deals with people first hand, I can tell mindset do play a big part, that doesn't justify that the Government doesn't invest there, No, actually it means they need to invest more. The more reason for devolution, every County has an opportunity to invest in their own without Central Government influence. The question is, what will your leader do? Maybe we should first start analysing performance by County Government before bringing the tribal card.
    However, I respect your opinion but I disagree with your facts.

  27. A few years back I believed members of the Kikuyu tribe are a privileged lot. They are not. When I visit Morang'a, Nyeri, Kiambu or any of the KIkuyu majority counties, I see the level of poverty I see in Migori and Homabay. It is the same level of poverty I see in my home county of Kisii and the county of Narok where I was brought up.

    What we have in this country is competition of tribes to win the presidency as a trophy. Just for the feel good factor. Only a few well connected Kikuyus, Luos (think Raphael Tuju and Rachel Omamo), Kalenjins etc benefit materially from a Kikuyu presidency. Uhuru Kenyatta's Luo in-law family (his son is married to a Luo) will benefit directly from his presidency but not a Kamau selling mutura in Kayole.

    The only thing Kamau the mutura seller in Kayole and the majority of Kikuyu get when their man wins the presidency is a shot of Dopamine--a natural chemical our body releases to stimulate us when we experience an exciting moment-- from we won, you lost feeling. It is the same chemical your brain releases when your team Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal wins a match or the premier league. While you feel excited and happy about the win, you never get to share the price money no matter how many times you shout 'we won the league/cup/match.'

    There is no pay increase that goes specifically to Kikuyus, no shopping mall with lower prices specifically for Kikuyus and no tax break meant for only Kikuyus.

    If Raila Odinga won, Dopamine is the only privilege Luos will get. Otherwise, the poor Luo will continue struggling for a meal a day and the rich Luo will continue driving Range Rovers in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi.

    Saying one is privileged simply because he is a Kamau, is a dangerous way of thinking. You are denying millions their victim-hood status.

  28. I think success in business and investment has more to do with culture than with being in a privileged tribe. I will give an example: I am an online freelancer and for the last four years I have met many Kenyan webprenuers. I attend many events that bring this class of people together. It has however surprised me that the biggest percentage of Kenyans working online as freelancers are Kikuyus. Now, the internet is an open space, what stops the other tribes from looking for opportunities online? Culture!

  29. Good to see that you have grown up a little na umeanza kuwa mwanaume (long long journey ahead of you). Thank God that uliachana na ile nyangumi yako ilikuwa imekuambukiza mental decay. The thing is, before a land whale fills its gut with rubbish (so as to be obese), it has first filled its head with rubbish. When is the last time you saw an obese person speaking any sense?

    Now what you need to do is to:

    a) free yourself from the circle of losers that you have surrounded yourself with.
    b) Start lifting weights hard so that you stop looking like a damned twig
    c) Stop attention whoring on social media
    d) Get a real skill that you can use to create tangible things e.g. can you build a flucking table?
    e) Get your money right (save, increase income)
    f) Cut off your damned dreads. Life is not college and you will never be anything with those dirty things on your head
    g) Stop regurgitating westernised filth (uhomo, abortions, feminism). It screams "I AM NEEDY". Anyone can support usenge these days. There is no risk. It is mainstream. There is nothing original in that. The only true rebellion is to be a self-owned man.
    h) Try Christianity

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: Seriously deal with your daddy issues and stop trying to rehabilitate your father post-mortem. He was a weak man who abandoned his responsibilities. But he was still your father and it is okay to be the son of a weak man. You won't be the first or the billionth. Make peace with that. Like Okonkwo, however, build on that and start winning.

    1. PS: If I could trust you to be a man: strong, solid, self owned I'd probably help you make some money because you obviously need it. Not just me but all of the dudes who used to shag that rindi of heifers your nyangumi used to be in. That is how I got to know you i.e. the kamjamaa whose nyangumi was getting spitroasted behind his back by 40 and 50 year olds. We all wanted to help you at least to make up for that.

      Lakini bado hatujakutrust ati wewe ni mwanaume. Umebakisha kidogo. Tutakurushia contract alafu uanze kupayuka ati wewe ni mogul.

  30. I don't know why people are vilifying the messenger.I believe he has put out a piece that touches at the core of the sickness in this country.That's why people/tribe will vote twice for a known incompetent buffoon not because he can lead but to just have "mtu wetu" in power.


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